The 2019 European Cycle Logistics Federation Conference

Monday 24th June 2019 #ECLF2019

Hosted by Dublin City Council in collaboration with Velo-City 2019



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Jamie Cudden, Smart City Program Manager, Dublin City Council

Jamie leads Dublin City Council’s Smart City program which is transforming Dublin’s reputation as a hub to fast track Smart City innovation. As one of the founders of the regional ‘Smart Dublin’ initiative he is passionate about the adoption of emerging tech which is being applied to create better outcomes for residents as well as new economic opportunities for cities.


His work with ‘start-ups’ through challenge based calls have been key to the success of the wider Smart Dublin programme. One of his flagship projects is the ‘Smart Docklands’ district which has created a unique platform for start-ups, big tech, the city, and academia to fast track innovation. He has brokered successful collaborations with companies such as Google, Dense Air, Softbank, Accenture, Microsoft, Mastercard, Big Belly, IBM and Intel. He represents Dublin on Smart City Alliances including the Harvard Tech Innovators Forum, Cities Today Urban Innovation 2020 forum (co-chair) and Mastercard’s ‘City Possible’ initiative.

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Owen Keegan, Chief Executive, Dublin City Council

Owen P Keegan was appointed as Dublin City Council Chief Executive, in September 2013 having served as County Manager of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council from February 2006. Before joining DLRCC he worked for Dublin City Council, where he was Assistant City Manager and then Director of Traffic.


Prior to October 1993 he worked as an economist for DKM Economic Consultants/Davy Stockbrokers. He has also worked in the Department of Finance, the ESRI and for two periods in the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government.


Mr Keegan is from Dublin. He holds degrees in public administration, economics and civil engineering.

Colm Ennis, Dublin City Council Transportation Projects Team

Colm works in Dublin City Council's City Centre Transportation Projects Team, which is developing and implementing measures to improve the efficiency and reliability of city deliveries while also decreasing the environmental impacts of trucks and vans. He is Chair of DCC’s City Centre Deliveries Working Group and a member of the POLIS European Urban Freight Working Group.


A Civil Engineering graduate of the Dublin Institute of Technology, Colm also has an MBA from Dublin City University and is a member of the Council of Engineers Ireland.

Susanne Wrighton, Coordinator, CityChangerCargoBike Project

Susanne holds a PhD in Molecular Biology. Since 2008 she works at Austrian Mobility Research in Graz and the focal point of her work is the promotion of cycling and the use of cargo bicycles as a mode of transport in cities. She has been working as a project coordinator for several large European Projects that try to support the cycling culture through awareness raising measures.

Among those projects are: BICY (promotion of daily urban cycling), TRENDY TRAVEL (raising emotions for cycling), BAMBINI (awareness raising among young children and parent) and most importantly the ground breaking cargo bike projects: Cyclelogistics and Cyclelogistics Ahead (using bicycles for the transport of goods). She now coordinates the CityChangerCargoBike project.

Kevin Mayne, Chief Executive, Cycling Industries Europe

Kevin is the Chief Executive of Cycling Industries Europe. Kevin has been a leading figure in cycling advocacy for over 20 years.

Prior to joining CIE he worked as Development Director at European Cyclists’ Federation where he was responsible for relations with the bicycle industry, fundraising and communications. He also led ECF’s work on Cycling as a new technology which identifies the contribution cycling can make to smarter, connected mobility.

Kevin is a lifelong cyclist who started work in cycling after holding senior positions in international food companies including Cadbury Schweppes, Coca Cola and Kraft Foods.

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Gary Armstrong, Director, European Cycle Logistics Federation

Gary is an independent consultant specialising in the use of cargo bikes in the commerical sector. He was a project leader on the EU CycleLogistics Project (2011-14), the EU CycleLogistics Ahead Project (2014-17) and has delivered training workshops on how to start up a cycle logistics business all over Europe. Previously he has worked for local government on the delivery of sustaiable transport and mobility management programmes and prior to this for information technology firms.

Check out more of Gary's work here.

Ivor Chomacki, Director, European Cycle Logistics Federation

Ivor is a Director of the European Cycle Logistics Federation and also an active member of the UK Cycle Logistics Federation. He is a newcomer to the world of cycle logistics. In his day job he is a systems consultant specialising in e-commerce and logistics with clients ranging from multichannel retailers to central government. He believes that cargo bikes are a key part of the solution to the challenges of supplying and servicing cities in a sustainable manner.

More on Ivor's work here.

Richard Armitage, Director, European Cycle Logistics Federation, Manchester, UK (Session Moderator)

Richard has specialised in sustainable transport innovation for over 35 years in many settings, including low-floor buses, cleaner fuels (EV, CNG) to car sharing, personalised journey planning to residential travel plans, and now cycle logistics. Richard has successfully introduced new techniques and technologies in the transport industry. He currently contributes his transport planning and policy development skills to the CycleLogistics Ahead project, as a Director of the European Cycle Logistics Federation. Back home in Manchester, he is co-director of two new cycle-based businesses,  Last Mile Manchester (last mile delivery services on cargo bikes) and Manchester Bike Hire (high quality affordable bike hire, repairs and bike tours). Richard was chair (2011-16) of the Cycling Forum of the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport UK.

Check out more of Richard's work here.

Peter Harris, Director of Sustainability Europe, UPS

Peter Harris joined UPS in 1989 as an Automotive Supervisor and was promoted in 1992 to Fleet Manager. In 1997, he accepted the Automotive Director position in the UK before becoming UK Industrial Engineering Director in 2003. In 2005, Peter took an assignment with Corporate Compliance, developing and implementing a system to manage regulatory compliance outside the U.S. He accepted the role of Sustainability Director for Europe in 2011.


In addition to his UPS responsibilities, Peter is also a director of the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, a public-private entity in the UK whose purpose is to accelerate the shift to low carbon vehicles and fuels.

Morten Kabell, CEO, Copenhagenize Design Co.

Kabell was a member of the City Council of Copenhagen for 20 years from 1998 to 2017. During the last term, he served as Mayor for Technical and Environmental Affairs, thus being politically responsible for urban planning, environment and climate, utilities, and smart city solutions. During Kabell’s term as mayor, Copenhagen set new records in cycling as a mainstream mode of transport with 62 % of Copenhageners and 43 % of all commuters riding on two wheels.

Having left politics in 2017, Kabell joined Copenhagenize Design Co. in 2018 to now have the position of CEO. He is also a member of the Board of Advisors for the Ross Center for Sustainable Cities at the World Resources Institute. In May 2019 he accepted a position as board member of Bycyklen, the city bike share programme in Copenhagen. Previously he has been a board member of companies like Greater Copenhagen Utilities and Copenhagen City and Port Corp.

Veerle De Meyer, Project Coordinator, City of Mechelen

Veerle De Meyer is project coordinator at the City of Mechelen, Belgium, working on European mobility and sustainable city logistics.

Veerle has more than 15 years of experience in communication and marketing functions for several for-profit and non-profit organizations. Her knowledge allows her to manage the deliverables of the different European projects, such as Cyclelogistics, Novelog, Surflogh and CityChangerCargoBike.

In coordinating the EU Projects, Veerle gained experience and expertise on themes such as cyclelogistics, first and last mile, stakeholder involvement, sustainability, smart lockers and access restrictions.

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