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ECLF CONFERENCE 2015 - San Sebastian, Spain.

Download Conference Programme here (PDF)


Decarbonisation and city logistics: an overview of innovative concepts

Prof. Dr. Cathy Macharis

Vrije Universiteit Brussels


Pollution, congestion and transport planning in urban areas

Michael Cramer, MEP

Committee on Transport and Tourism of the European Parliament


Deliveries: research into growth models & future volumes

Madeleine Kelly-Tychtl

European Commission - Mobility & Transport DG


Changing urban landscape: meeting the needs of residents, businesses, and visitors

Fermin Echarte

Sustainable Transport Manager, Ayuntamiento de San Sebastián


How could municipalites approach greener deliveries?

Julius Menge

Senate Department for Urban Development and Environment, Berlin


Gothenburg Case Study

Malin Månsson

SMARTSET Project, Urban Transport Administration, City of Gothenburg


Challenges of implementing a cargo bike service into a mainstream logistics operation

Wolfgang Sacher

GO!, Berlin


Urban freight consolidation centres - trends, challenges, solutions

Milena Janjevic

Université Libre de Bruxelles


Politics around cargo bikes

Arne Behrensen



Cyclelogistics - supporting cycling for livable cities

Karl Reiter

FGM - Austrian Mobility Research, Graz


What measures can municpalities take to encourage cycle logistics?

Sjors Van Duren

Highways & Transport Consultant, Arnhem & Nijmegen Region


The experience of a succesful cycle logistics operator

Harri Zuazo Linacisoro

Txita, Donostia / San Sebastián

The brave new world for logistics companies:

e-commerce, same day delivery, click & collect and more

Kris Neyens

Flanders Institute for Logistics - VIL, Berchem

Home delivery: impact and opportunities for city logistics

Susanne Balm

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences - Research Program Urban Technology

Providing top quality delivery services at minimal cost

Wolfgang Beecken

first mile - innovative urban logistics, Hamburg

Towards standards in city logistics

Arne Melse

DHL Express, Netherlands

Electric assist cargo bikes & trikes: boys' toys or business tools?

Jorge Léon

ITENE, Paterna, Valencia & partner in Pro e-bike project

Cycle logistics solutions across Europe: delivery green in the city

Benjamin Rieder

Bubblepost, Belgium


Cargo bikes - what does the sector need?

Ton Daggers - IBC, Utrecht

Equipment supplier - Evolo

Aitzol Fernandez - Evolo, Vitoria-Gasteiz

Equipment supplier - Yamimoto

Manuel Muniz Morell - Yamimoto, Madrid

A builders guide to cargo bikes

Paris Maderna - MCS Maderna Cycle Systems, Vienna

Equipment supplier - Douze

Bruno Louis - Douze, France

Technology overview

Nick Blake

ImagineCargo, Zürich - software for courier services

Jurgen Kurzman

Groupnet LOBO, Vienna

Solar Energy & Cargo Bikes

Michael Polak, Prague, Czech Republic

A network solution to the last mile problem

Christoph Masoner

Director, swissconnect Lucerne

Evolution of a cycle delivery business

Rob King 

Outspoken Delivery, Cambridge

Searching for quality on cyclelogistics

Eneko Astigarraga

Oraintxe, Pamplona

Micro-consolidation & pick-up points

Cosimo Chiffi

TRT Trasporti e Territorio/Triclò, Milano

GLOCAL CO-OPERATIONS - how cycle couriers become providers of eco-logistics solutions

Zsolt Kilian

Hajtas Pajtas, Budapest

And now watch the Hajtas Pajtas story on video.

Ordr – Fast food delivery in Prague

Katerina Ovensa

Messenger, Prague

The Xiclo Experience - Cycle Logistics

Tran-Vu Mai

Xiclo, Valladolid

How to start a game-changing logistics service in Ukraine during the war

Daniel Tonkopiy

Delfast, Ukraine

The 3rd industrial revolution is the bicycle

Jordi Gali / Enric Gallifa

Vanapedal, Barcelona

European Cycle Logistics Federation: current situation and future activities

Richard Armitage

Director, ECLF, United Kingdom

CycleLogistics Ahead Project

Susanne Wrighton

Project Manager & Consultant, FGM-AMOR, Austria