The third Cycle Logistics Conference was held in

San Sebastián/Donestia, Spain on the 15-17 October 2015

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10:00 Civic Welcome

Marisol Garmendia, Leader, Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa &

Angel Querejeta, Head of Mobility Department, Donostiako / Ayuntamiento de San Sebastián

10:10 to 11:30

Session 1

Decarbonisation and city logistics: an overview of innovative concepts

Prof. Dr. Cathy Macharis

Vrije Universiteit Brussels

Pollution, congestion and transport planning in urban areas

Michael Cramer, MEP 

Committee on Transport and Tourism of the European Parliament

Deliveries: research into growth models & future volumes

Madeleine Kelly-Tychtl

European Commission - Mobility & Transport DG

12:00 to 13:20

Session 2

Changing urban landscape: meeting the needs of residents, businesses, and visitors

Fermin Echarte

Sustainable Transport Manager, Ayuntamiento de San Sebastián

How could municipalites approach greener deliveries?

Julius Menge

Senate Department for Urban Development and Environment, Berlin

Gothenburg Case Study

Malin Månsson

SMARTSET Project, Urban Transport Administration, City of Gothenburg

14:30 - 15:50

Session 3

Challenges of implementing a cargo bike service into a mainstream logistics operation

Wolfgang Sacher

GO!, Berlin

Urban freight consolidation centres - trends, challenges, solutions

Milena Janjevic

Université Libre de Bruxelles

Politics around cargo bikes

Arne Behrensen


16:10 - 17:30

Session 4

Cyclelogistics - supporting cycling for livable cities

Karl Reiter

FGM - Austrian Mobility Research, Graz

What measures can municpalities take to encourage cycle logistics?

Sjors Van Duren

Highways & Transport Consultant, Arnhem & Nijmegen Region

The experience of a succesful cycle logistics operator

Harri Zuazo Linacisoro

Txita, Donostia / San Sebastián

17:30 Exhibition & Reception

Evening: Conference Dinner

Petritegi Cider House

Conference: Day 2

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10:00 Civic Welcome

Angel Querejeta, Head of Mobility Department, Donostiako / Ayuntamiento de San Sebastián

10:10 to 11:30

Session 5

The brave new world for logistics companies:

e-commerce, same day delivery, click & collect and more

Kris Neyens

Flanders Institute for Logistics - VIL, Berchem

Home delivery: impact and opportunities for city logistics

Susanne Balm

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences - Research Program Urban Technology

Providing top quality delivery services at minimal cost

Wolfgang Beecken

first mile - innovative urban logistics, Hamburg

12:00 to 13:20

Session 6

Towards standards in city logistics

Arne Melse

DHL Express, Netherlands

Electric assist cargo bikes & trikes: boys' toys or business tools?

Jorge Léon

ITENE, Paterna, Valencia & partner in Pro e-bike project

Cycle logistics solutions across Europe: delivery green in the city

Benjamin Rieder

Bubblepost, Belgium

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Sponsors and exhibitors

Yamimoto is a Spanish company focused on the design and development of electrical pedal assisted vehicles, namely electric bikes and trycicles.

Yamimoto is among the few cycle-logistics brands with a proven track record and undisputable credentials. Our role as supplier to Correos (the Spanish postal service) and the correspondent maintenance has given us first hand info on the critical success factors for the development of electric pedal assisted vehicles.   

Based on that experience Yamimoto developed new formats aimed at different delivery and logistics applications, namely cargo tricycles which you will see for yourself at the San Sebastián cycle logistics conference.

A proper combination of electric bikes and tricycles should be enough to cover any last mile logistics needs. Our vehicles are reliable, silent and incorporate the latest developments to enable a smooth ride and easy steering.

Come to check out and try our products.

EVOLO is an engineering company that belongs to GRUPO EL PROEX. It has been selected as a venture supported by the European initiative KIC INNOENERGY.
In 2010, EVOLO developed the first Spanish-made cargo trike, and since then it has been developing business models related to cargo bike use in last mile logistics.

1-hour delivery service on electric bikes.

We deliver goods from online stores with the speed of pizza delivery.

DOUZE Cycles creates a new generation of cargo-bikes: convenient, comfortable, flexible to move and transport

who / what you like!

The Dutch bike brand Urban Arrow reinvented the transport bicycle: fresh new design, lightweight, safe and comfortable materials together with the powerful modern German Bosch electric pedal assist and A-brand components (e.g. Shimano, SKS, NuVinci). That’s why Urban Arrow was the winner of a Eurobike Award 2010 and of the ISPO Brand New Award in 2013. The modular frame design allows for different front frames attached to the firm and sturdy rear frame. So it is possible to configure easily multiple models. Urban Arrow has 3 cargo models: Cargo L, Cargo XL and Cargo XXL.

14:30 - 15:45

Workshop 1 - Equipment Overview

Chairperson & moderator

Gary Armstrong - Outspoken Delivery, Cambridge, UK

Cargo bikes - what does the sector need?

Ton Daggers - IBC, Utrecht

Equipment supplier - Evolo

Aitzol Fernandez - Evolo, Vitoria-Gasteiz

Equipment supplier - Yamimoto

Manuel Muniz Morell - Yamimoto, Madrid

A builders guide to cargo bikes

Paris Maderna - MCS Maderna Cycle Systems, Vienna

Equipment supplier - Douze

Bruno Louis - Douze, France

Workshop 2 - Technology Solutions

Chairperson & moderator

Kris Neyens

Flanders Institute for Logistics - VIL, Berchem

Technology overview

Nick Blake

ImagineCargo, Zürich - software for courier services

Jurgen Kurzman

Groupnet LOBO, Vienna

Solar Energy & Cargo Bikes

Michael Polak, Prague, Czech Republic

A network solution to the last mile problem

Christoph Masoner

Director, swissconnect Lucerne

16:15 - 17:30

Workshops - delegates can attend Workshop 3 or 4

Workshop 3 - Operating Issues

Chairperson & moderator

Susanne Wrighton

FGM, Graz

Evolution of a cycle delivery business

Rob King 

Outspoken Delivery, Cambridge

Searching for quality on cyclelogistics

Eneko Astigarraga

Oraintxe, Pamplona

Micro-consolidation & pick-up points

Cosimo Chiffi

TRT Trasporti e Territorio/Triclò, Milano

GLOCAL CO-OPERATIONS - how cycle couriers become providers of eco-logistics solutions

Zsolt Kilian

Hajtas Pajtas, Budapest

And now watch the Hajtas Pajtas story on video.

17:30 Conference Close

Francisco Luciano, Paris, France

18:00 Exhibition & Reception

Workshop 4 - The Market for Cycle Logistics

Chairperson & moderator

Randy Rzewnicki

ECF, Brussels, Belgium

Lunch & Dinner delivery by Messenger

Katerina Ovensa

Messenger, Prague

The Xiclo Experience - Cycle Logistics

Tran-Vu Mai

Xiclo, Valladolid

How to start a game-changing logistics service in Ukraine during the war

Daniel Tonkopiy

Delfast, Ukraine

The 3rd industrial revolution is the bicycle

Jordi Gali / Enric Gallifa

Vanapedal, Barcelona

Conference: Day 3

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09:30 Civic Welcome

Fermin Echarté, Sustainable Transport Manager, Ayuntamiento de San Sebastián

09:35 to 10:45

Session 1

European Cycle Logistics Federation: current situation and future activities

Richard Armitage

Director, ECLF, United Kingdom

CycleLogistics Ahead Project

Susanne Wrighton

Project Manager & Consultant, FGM-AMOR, Austria

Comments & Questions

11:15 - 12:45

Session 2

Discussion amongst Spanish delegates about forming a Spanish asssociation.

14:00 to 16:00

Session 3

European Cycle Logistics Federation: the story so far

Discussion amongst all delegates about forming national associations and the future activities of the ECLF.

Concluding remarks


Richard Armitage FCILT, C4ST, Hyde, UK

Richard has specialised in sustainable transport innovation for over 35 years in many settings, including low-floor buses, from cleaner fuels (EV, CNG) to car sharing, from personalised journey planning to residential travel plans, and now cycle logistics. Richard has successfully introduced new techniques and technologies in the transport industry. He currently contributes his transport planning and policy development skills to the CycleLogistics Ahead project, as Director of the European Cycle Logistics Federation. Back home in Manchester, he is co-director of a new cycle-based business, Cycle Waggle Ltd., providing last mile delivery services on cargo bikes and high quality affordable bike hire. Richard Armitage is non-executive chairman of public transport specialists, The TAS Partnership, and has been chair of the Cycling Forum of the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport UK since 2011. Go to Richard's website.

Gary Armstrong, Outspoken Delivery, Cambridge, UK

Gary is a consultant with Outspoken LLP, the Cambridge-based cycle logistics company. He was a project leader on the EU CycleLogistics Project (2011-14) and the EU CycleLogistics Ahead Project (2014-17). He has delivered training workshops on how to start up a cycle logistics business all over Europe. He has worked for local government on the delivery of sustainable transport and mobility management programmes and worked previously for information technology firms.

Go to Gary's website.

Eneko Astigarraga, Oraintxe, Pamplona, Spain

Eneko is one of the owners of Oraintxe, a company stablished in Pamplona (Spain) since 1994 whose services include: courier and delivery services done by bike and other pedal powered vehicles, a shop, bike rental and consultancy on non motorised modes of transport among others. The project involves 18 people. Go to Website: Blog:

Susanne Balm, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

Susanne Balm (MSc) is project leader at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS). She leads the project E-mobility & City Logistics, which is a multidisciplinary research project in the research program Urban Technology. The project focuses on the uptake of electric vehicles for freight transport and service logistics in the Amsterdam metropolitan area. Next, Susanne works on projects within the field of construction logistics and public procurement logistics. The projects aim to conduct practical scientific research and to apply the developed knowledge in professional practice, society and the educational programs of AUAS. Go to Susanne's website.

Wolfgang Beecken, First Mile, Hamburg, Germany

Wolfgang has more than 15 years in the courier, express delivery and parcel industry - among others: DHL Worldwide Express, GO! and Securicor Omega Express International. Wolfgang spent 3 years in Singapore as head of an advertising and PR agency. Since August 2013 he is part of the project advisory board of the VCD Verkehrsclub Deutschland e.V. (mobility and traffic club of Germany) on the subject of cargo bikes. Since Nov. 2014 partner in the advisory firm "first mile" ( Member of BdKEP (German federal association of courier, express and postal companies) -  most important interest group in Germany for medium-sized courier, express and postal service providers. Go to

Arne Behrensen, cargobike.jetz, Berlin, Germany

Arne has been working as consultant for members of the German parliament and as political analyst and campaigner for an international NGO before making his cargo bike hobby his job in 2013. Together with Wasilis von Rauch he led the project "Lasten auf die Räder!" (cargo onto bikes!) at the Verkehrsclub Deutschland (VCD) promoting cargo bikes in commercial transport. Since September 2015 Arne is a freelancer. Go to

Nick Blake, ImagineCargo, Zurich, Switzerland

Nick is one of the co-founders of ImagineCargo GmbH, a sustainable logistics network operator based in Zürich.  Following degree studies in Transport Management and Planning, Nick spent over 20 years working for package integrators, trucking companies and in the air cargo sector.  The ImagineCargo team of experienced cycle messengers and transport experts have created an international network to deliver packages with up to 99% less CO2 emissions than current operators.

Cosimo Chiffi, TRT Trasporti e Territorio, Milan, Italy

Coimo is a transport economist at TRT Trasporti e Territorio, an Italian consultancy specialised transport economics, planning and modelling. His main areas of work and responsibilities deal with port and shipping economics, urban freight logistics, collective passenger transport and cycling policies. He is currently coordinating thematic cooperation activities within the CIVITAS Initiative and is involved in the Cyclelogistics Ahead project where he has analysed the role of micro-hubs and city policies favouring zero-emission delivery. Cosimo is also working on Short Food Supply Chains within the new CIVITAS 2020 project U-TURN focused on new model for urban food distribution.

Go to the TRT website.

Michelle Coldrey, City of Gothenburg, Sweden

Michelle is the International Project Coordinator at the Urban Transport Administration, the City of Gothenburg, Sweden. She is coordinator of the SMARTSET project, an EC/IEE funded project which develops and shows how freight transport in European cities and regions can be made more energy-efficient and sustainable by a better use of freight terminals. SMARTSET provides examples of good practice that can support cities, regions and countries to contribute to the European Union '20-20-20' targets for reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and improvement in energy-efficiency.

Michael Cramer, MEP, Brussels, Belgium

Michael studied education, music and physical education at the university of Mainz. Following his studies, he worked as a secondary-school teacher in the Neukölln district of Berlin from 1975-1995. Between 1989 and 2004 Michael Cramer was a member of the Berlin regional parliament and served as spokesman for transport of the Green group. Since 2004 Michael Cramer is a Member of the European Parliament (EP), working mainly on EU transport policy. After ten years as transport policy spokesperson for the Green group, he was elected chairman of the Committee on Transport and Tourism (TRAN). He is also a Member of the EP’s delegation to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and chairs the parliamentary platform "Rail Forum Europe". Go to Michael's profile on EU website.

Ton Daggers is owner of IBC Cycling Consultancy and has worked for more than 20 years in cycling promotion programs in Latin American and European cities.  Ton Daggers is also task manager for Non- Motorized Transport for Cities for Mobility and is a member of the board of directors of the MOVILIZATION foundation a worldwide city network promoting accessible cities. Ton has given lectures and training courses in Asia, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, and many European countries. Ton in now actually involved in promoting shared cargo bike systems in Utrecht, (NL) with a growing fleet of 10 electric cargo bikes. Go to the MOVILIZATION website

Ton Daggers, IBC, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Fermin Echarte, Municipality of Donostia/San Sebastian, Spain

Fermín is civil engineer working in the Mobility Department of the Municipality of Donostia / San Sebastian in 2009 with measures related with non motorised modes of transport, walking and cycling. Prior to this Fermin worked building infrastructures for traffic in Gobierno the Navarra. He has extensive experience working on EU proects including CIVITAS ARQUIMEDES and Cycle Logistics Ahead and in the organisation of different events in Donostaia / San Sebastia related o sustainable mobility. Go to Donostia / San Sebastian website.


Aitzol Fernandez, CEO and founder of EVOLO , Spain

Aitzol Fernandez is an Industrial Engineer. He is the CEO and founder of EVOLO. He has been working in transport and sustainable mobility for 14 years. After working in a research centre and in the automotive industry, in 2004 he created his first company. In 2010, as result of his experience in R&D&i in several projects, he launched EVOLO.

EVOLO is an engineering company that belongs to GRUPO EL PROEX. EVOLO has contributed directly to, and has had an active role in, drawing up the mobility policies for Vitoria-Gasteiz (European Green Capital 2012). EVOLO has been granted GREEN PROVIDER and GREEN FACTORY awards. EVOLO is considered to be a strategic interest initiative for the whole of the European Union. It has been selected as a venture supported by the European initiative KIC INNOENERGY.
In 2010, EVOLO developed the first Spanish-made cargo trike, and since then it has been developing business models related to cargo bike use in last mile logistics.   Go to www.evolo website

Jordi Gali Manuel, Vanapedal, Barcelona

Architect with a master degree in urban mobility management.  Expert in cycle logistics and cycling urbanism. Co-founder of Vanapedal and member of the Copenhagenize global team. Go to Vanapedal website.

Milena Janjevic is a researcher at Université Libre de Bruxelles. Her research and expertise fields are related to freight transportation and logistics, and more particularly to urban freight transport and city logistics. She has participated in several European and regional research projects in this field, such as project PULSE project (Planning Urban Logistics for a Sustainable Economy) which investigates the possibility of setting-up a network of consolidation centres in Brussels or URBANWISE project which aims in setting up a communication platform for smart urban logistics. Milena Janjevic is also a lecturer at the Belgian Interuniversity Centre for Transport and Mobility (CIEM).

Go to Milena's website.

Milena Janjevic, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

Madeleine Kelly-Tychtl, European Commission - Mobility & Transport, Brussels

Madeleine has been working for the European Commission since 1993. She has been working at the Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport in the Clean transport and sustainable urban mobility unit since 2009. Among other areas, she is responsible for the Do the Right Mix campaign, which culminates in European Mobility Week, and for urban cycling issues. Go to EU Mobility & Transport.

Zsolt Kilian, Hajtas Pajtas, Budapest, Hungary

Zsolt has grown up with trucks, as his family has been running a small logistics company 50 kilometres from Budapest. Later he moved to Budapest where he has lived, studied and worked for the last 15 years except when had been working for Bosch in Catalonia or for Siemens Wind Power in the UK. In 2012-13 he got involved in several national and international cycling related project as a mobility consultant at the Hungarian Cyclists’ Club. Zsolt has been working on the Cyclelogistics Ahead project since its beginning. At the ECLF conference he will share his experiences about how a pedal powered local company and a big European brand started to work together. Go to Hajtas Pajtas website.

Rob King, Outspoken Delivery, Cambridge, UK

Rob King is MD of Outspoken, an award winning group of businesses providing cycling services to help build better urban environments. Outspoken Delivery is their innovative cycle logistics arm based in Cambridge and with franchises in Glasgow and Norwich. Their operation uses a range of  two and three wheeled cargo bikes to deliver packages for over hundreds of businesses. Services include traditional sameday operations, both locally across town as well as an intercity service using trains. They also now operate micro-consolidation centres and provide  'last mile' logistics services for national and international carriers.  Outspoken are a lead partner in an EU project, Cyclelogistics and are the largest cycle courier company in the UK. Go to

Jürgen Kurzmann,, Austria

Juergen is founder and developer of - Software for Courier Services. His scientific origin can be found in biomedical engineering and psychology. Yet, he stumbled upon bike messenger services that caught his attraction. He swapped his academic profession for his passion for eco-friendly solutions. The goal was to enhance the idealistic approach of bike messengers by a competitive software tool. Established since 2007, now provides a comprehensive web-application for collecting, dispatching and accounting jobs. Constantly maintained and further developed the software enables bike couriers to connect and cooperate in international networks.

Go to Lobo website.

Jorge León, ITENE, Valencia, Spain

Jorge is Industrial Engineer by the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain) and MSc Degree in Sustainability (Transport) by the University of Leeds (UK). He is Project Manager in the Sustainability Division of ITENE – the Packaging, Transport and Logistics Research Center in Valencia (Spain). Jorge has more than seven year experience in National and European projects in areas of sustainability and transport as energy efficiency, environmental impact, supply chain optimization, urban logistics, life cycle assessment and carbon footprint. He has participated in the coordination and development of national and European ‘Research and Development’ projects such as ECODISTRA, GREENCOMERCE, FREVUE or PROEBIKE. Go to the ITENE website.

Harri Zuazo Linacisoro, Txita, Donostia/San Sebastian, Spain

Harri was born in Donostia-San Sebastián.Studied a degree in economics and business administration and management (Deusto University) and a master degree in Sustainable development, Agenda 21 manager (University of the Basque Country). He worked for several companies carrying out different types of jobs, at present works for Txita as sales manager among other things. Like offering trainings on how to start up a cycle-based delivery, giving talks about Txita company and showing different kind of institutions how things are made in San Sebastián.

Go to the Txita website.

Francisco Luciano, Paris, France


Francisco is a civil engineer and town planner, who has worked in the field of urban mobility for the past fifteen years. He became interested in alternative urban logistics through his involvement in two cargo tram projects (in La Reunion and Amsterdam). In April 2014, he accompanied his son – a bike mechanic – to the cargo-bike festival in Nijmegen and liked what he saw. So he decided to lend Richard and Gary a hand with the development of the ECLF.

Cathy Macharis, Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Belgium

Cathy Macharis is Professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels. Her research group MOBI (Mobility, Logistics and Automotive Technology) is an interdisciplinary group focusing on sustainable logistics, electric and hybrid vehicles and urban mobility. Her research focuses on how to include stakeholders within decision and evaluation processes in the field of transport and mobility. She has been involved in several regional, national and European research projects dealing with topics such as the implementation of innovative concepts for city distribution, assessment of policy measures in the field of logistics and sustainable mobility, development of a multi actor multi criteria analysis framework, etc. She is the chairwoman of Brussels Mobility Commission and vice-chair of Nectar (Network on European Communications and Transport Activities Research).  Please visit our website:

Christoph Masoner, Swissconnect, Lucerne, Switzerland

Christoph has specialized on Swiss domestic market, referring on sustainable systems, as bicycles, trains, cars or public transport. In the early 80's he reinvented the idea of bicycle courier in Vienna under engagements as a civil servant. After a long bicycle trip from Vienna to Jemen, via east Africa he moved to Switzerland supporting the first Swiss bicycle courier in Lucerne, with himself on the bike and directing it until 2000. That was the beginning for the swissconnect network. Bringing together all the different partners in the Swiss cantons with their different languages and mindsets challenges Christoph constantly. At the moment he is working on expanding cooperation both locally and nationally. Developing a universal small container currently represents the biggest project in collaboration with partners. Go to swissconnect website

Manuel Muñiz Morell, Yamimoto, Madrid, Spain

Manuel is CEO of  Yamimoto, Spanish company founded in 2007 focused on development, manufacturing and sales of electric bikes and trikes. Yamimoto is currently the only Spanish company covering the whole range of electrically pedal-assisted vehicles for smart-city or corporate turn-key projects. Prior to his electric-mobility adventure, Manuel worked 7 years in banking (Morgan Stanley - UBS - Banque Heritage), focused on structured products, credit and special situations and 5 years in management consulting (Accenture & A.T.kearney) focused on consumer goods.

Go to Yamimotoo website.

Paris Maderna, MCS Maderna Cycle Systems, Vienna, Austria

Paris is a designer specializing in bicycle development and production. He is general manager of MCS Maderna Cycle Systems / Paris Maderna KG and develops urban commuting and transportation systems based on bike tecnology. He developes for B2B clients as well as for own brand production with the aim of finding solutions that make cars unnecessary in uban areas. The company product portfolio includes more then 20 different models, the latest being the TRUCK rear loader cargo bike. A new 4 wheel pedelec is in development progress.

Go to the MCS Maderna website.

Malin Månsson, City of Gothenburg, Sweden

Malin has been working with sustainable transports and mobility management for 10 years and the last two years as a bicycle policy planner at the City of Gothenburg. She has been the project leader for the development of Gothenburg´s recently approved bicycle program with the ambitious goal to triple the number of cycle trips until 2025. She currently coordinates the implementation of the Bicycle program at all levels of the organisation. The City of Gothenburg coordinates the SMARTSET project, an EC/IEE funded project which develops and shows how freight transport in European cities and regions can be made more energy-efficient and sustainable by a better use of freight terminals. SMARTSET provides examples of good practice that can support cities, regions and countries to contribute to the European Union '20-20-20' targets for reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and improvement in energy-efficiency. Go to Smartset website

Tran Vu Mai, Xiclo, Valladolid, Spain

Tran-Vu is a mechanical engineer (Belfort-Montbeliard Technology University, France) and master in Energy efficiency and renewable energies (Salamanca, Spain). He has worked for 15 years in automotive sector, now team manager for engines test benches. In 2013, he was co-founder and launched the "XICLO project", providing sustainable solutions for Valladolid: last-mile distribution, advertising with environmentally-friendly vehicles. He has participated delivering "cycle logistics" training to other entrepreneurs in Spain (2015). Go to Xiclo Channel.

Vincent Meerschaert, Traject - Mobility Management, Ghent, Belgium

Vincent is director of Traject, a Brussels and Gent based company specialising in mobility management. Vincent has more than 15 years of experience in mobility projects on national and international level. He is specialist in sustainable urban mobility planning, cycling strategies and awareness raising campaigns. Vincent coordinated the highly appreciated CHAMP-project ( on leading cycling cities in Europe. For Cyclelogistics Vincent is responsible for the dissemination of the projects results all over Europe. He believes that sustainable urban logistics is a main key in achieving more liveable and attractive cities. Go to Traject’s website:

Arne Melse, DHL Express, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Arne develops bike concepts for first & last mile logistics for DHL Express. Being a project manager in logistical efficiency and innovation, Arne focuses on the full integration of bikes into the yellow machine; creating a sustainable business model where green and efficiency go hand in hand. As a former student in Spatial Planning & Politics, Arne joined DHL Express in 2006 as a part-time bike courier in Amsterdam. When pitching the idea of using DHL bike couriers in other cities apart from Amsterdam, a successful project started. In the last three years the bike virus has spread throughout the company, over 10 countries have copied the concept. Go to DHL Express website.

Dr. Julius Menge works as ‘Officer for Commercial Transport’ at Berlin´s Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment. He is responsible for all transport planning associated questions of commercial transport and logistics. He worked within several national and European projects, for example in the projects CityLog, Smartfusion, and Smartset. Dr. Menge is in charge of Berlin’s “Integrated Commercial Transport Concept”, including new transport technologies and logistic concepts. Go to Senate Department for Urban Development and Environment

Julius Menge, Department for Urban Development & Environment, Berlin, Germany

Kris Neyens, Flanders Institute for Logistics, Antwerp, Belgium

Kris works as program manager for the Flanders Institute for Logistics.  Kris is a versatile supply chain expert leading change and innovation projects in challenging and competitive environments.  He has more than 20 years’ experience in the field of supply chain innovation and the design and implementation of innovative logistic concepts. In this respect, Kris also has experience with leading and managing public-private collaboration projects and process innovation in the logistics sector. Go to the Flanders Institute for Logistics

Benjamin Reider, Bubblepost, Ghent, Belgium

Benjamin was 19 years old when he founded his first company in South America. When he came back to Belgium he cofounded Bubble Post. The company specialise in first and last mile deliverye and Bubble Post takes care of transport in city centers. The small and ecological vehicles deliver goods faster to their destination, with a very low impact on the cities and its habitants.  Smart warehousing and same day delivery give retail traders, e-commerce companies and transporters the chance to adapt to the fast changing needs of their customers. Go to Bubble Post website.

Katerina Ovesna, Messenger, Prague, Czech Republic

Katerina Ovesna is a director of sales and marketing at Messenger in Prague. She graduated in Multimedia Communications at Tomas Bata University (CZ). She is responsible for marketing strategy and business development in the company.  In July 2014 the company launched a new service (, which lunches and dinners by cargo bikes in the center of Prague within 10 minutes of ordering. Go to Messenger website

Michael Polák,, Prague, Czech Republic

Michael has been working as software developer and dreaming of independent, autonomous and sustainable ("off-the-grid") ways to travel long distances, he started to develop his first expedition bicycle powered by solar energy in the spring of 2013 - as a hobby, using low budget and second hand components. In the winter of 2015, Michael started to cooperate with Prague based cargo bicycle manufacturer as an electric propulsion consultant. In the summer of 2015, he participated in The Sun Trip rallye of solar bicycles with second experimental prototype, based on heavy tandem bike with DIY style bamboo roof. Extensively tested during the summer of 2014, the tandem was later upgraded by Distance covered during 3 months by solar bike heavily loaded with baggage and camping equipment was nearly 8000 km. Scaled-down solar electric equipment from that prototype is now being evaluated with CycloTruck CT3 urban cargo bicycle, manufactured by Go to

Enric Gallifa Puig, Vanapedal, Barcelona, Spain

Graduate in business administration. Proficiency UB research in B2C logistics. Co-founder of Vanapedal

Karl Reiter, FGM-AMOR, Graz, Austria.

The Founding member of Austrian Mobility Research (FGM-AMOR) is a graduate in mechanical engineering. He is researcher, trainer, presenter and project creator in the field of sustainable mobility and liveable public space. He has experience with more than 30 European projects in the field of sustainable urban transport. Amongst them projects related to cycling like BYPAD (Bicycle Policy Audit), Bike2Work, LifeCycle (Health and Cycling), BAMBINI (Cycling for Kids) Trendy Travel (Cycling and Emotion) and CycleLogistics (Cycling and Transport of Goods).

Go to FGM-AMOR website.

Wolfgang Sacher, GO! Gruppe, Berlin, Germany

Wolfgang M. Sacher ist Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung der GO! Gruppe Berlin / Brandenburg.

und Vorstand der GO! Holding AG. Neben der Mitgliedschaft in mehreren Kommissionen ist er seit Beginn im Jahre 1993 bis 2009 Mitglied im Beirat der GO! General Overnight Service ( Deutschland ) GmbH und von 1999 bis 2006 dessen Vorsitzender. In dieser Zeit verantwortet er maßgeblich die Entwicklung und Einführung der Marke GO! zunächst in Deutschland und anschließend in Europa. Wohnt seit 2005 mit Ehefrau und zwei Töchtern in Potsdam. Go to the GO! website.

Daniel Tonkopiy, Delfast Inc, Kiev, Ukraine

Daniel is a serial entrepreneur, founder and cofounder of 8 projects, including Delfast, the fastest delivery company in Kyiv and Warsaw, (sold), X-Rift ("Best Mobile App in Europe and Central Asia"), ($40M yearly turnover), ChudoCard, etc. He worked as a Chief Evangelist Officer in business-incubator Eastlabs (Ukraine) and as an Expertise Department Chief in Russian-Expansion Opportunity Venture Fund (Switzerland). Daniel is an insider to the startup community and evangelist for clean and eco tech, electric transportation, green-thinking and cycling in all Russian-speaking countries. Go to Delfast website.

Sjors van Duren, Provence of Gelderland, The Netherlands

Sjors works for the province of Gelderland as a advisor on traffic and transport. He is responsible for the development of an extensive network of fast cycling routes in the greater Arnhem – Nijmegen region, with investments of € 80mln and a total length of appr 70km. He works closely with local governments and the national government in order to get broad (political) support for the development of the provincial cycling plans. He contributes to and works together with the CROW/KpVV and the Dutch Cycling Embassy in order to develop and spread knowledge on cycling.. In 2014 he was elected as the ‘best civil servant’of the Netherland by the PM (Public Mission) magazine. He is the program manager for the Velo-city 2017 conference which will be held in Arnhem and Nijmegen. 

Go to Provence of Gelderland website

Susanne Wrighton, FGM-AMOR, Graz, Austria

Susanne holds a PhD in Molecular Biology. While living in England and the US for several years she has concentrated on bringing up her children and achieving an education in art and sculpture. Since 2008 she works at Austrian Mobility Research in Graz and the focal point of her work are the promotion of bicycle traffic in cities. She has been working for a project coordinator for several European Projects that try to support the cycling culture through awareness raising measures. Among those projects are: BICY (promotion of daily urban cycling), TRENDY TRAVEL (raising emotions for cycling), BAMBINI (awareness raising among young children and parent) and Cyclelogistics and Cyclelogistics Ahead (using bicycles for the transport of goods). Go to FGM-AMOR website.

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